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Welcome to This site is dedicated to the principle that Inuit in the Nunavut territory of Canada have a right to their own formal education system in their own language and methodology, with an Inuit curriculum taught by Inuit teachers within schools (and local school boards) operated by Inuit.

Inuit also have the right to protect and promote their own forms of cultural transmission beyond and outside of Euro-American models of institutional education.

This site is mainly an archive of hard-to-find history of the Inuit struggle to gain control of their own education.

There are also pieces here from other cultures and perspectives about the need for Indigenous peoples to be able to recover, protect and promote Indigenous forms of knowledge and cultural transmission in ways that may not fit within the Euro-American model of institutional education. Euro-American institutional education is only one form of cultural transmission and cultural continuity, one which is (generally) conducted inside cement buildings Monday to Friday from 9-4 o`clock with age-separated cohorts studying state-approved curricula delivered by state-credentialed teachers. This is what most of us most commonly think of as "education"; but this model may in fact operate in ways hostile to Indigenous values, and it may disrupt and corrode Indigenous forms of cultural transmission and cultural continuity.